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Automate your customer service and sales using artificial intelligent chatbot with ease.

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Automate your conversation with customers.

Auto respond to your customers any time, any where, 24/7. Use it for your restaurant reservations, appointment bookings for clinics, handle sales enquiries automatically and feedback for your retails quality control.
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Integrate easily to website, Facebook page and ads.

No new app installation required, easy to embed onto your existing website, Facebook and ads campaigns, no technical skills required.

Lead route management, instant notification, lead-to-sale.

We route every qualified lead to your designated salesperson or manager. Important conversation is recorded for your team to take instant action and convert leads.
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No more sales leakage with reminder and tracking.

You will never forget or skip a lead anymore with reminder and lead management tool for everyone in the sales/managerial team.

Meaningful big data analytics.

Sumato Ai produces meaningful analytics to help you to identify areas requiring attention for improvement in the entire customer engagement cycle in your business.
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What can I do with Sumato Ai chatbot?

Restaurant & Event Space

Automate reservation, feedback, send F&B menu, party booking,  visitors analysis, etc.

Hospital &


Quality check on every consultation, appointment booking, lead generation, etc.



Automate event booking, cross sell, customer profile, lead qualification ad, etc.

Property Developer

Sale lead generation, qualification, lead route, roadshow QR registration.

Workshop & Seminar

Feedback of every seminar or event, customer profiling, check-in, etc.

Insurance / Property Agent

Lead ad campaign integration, lead qualification, lead route, database management.

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