SumatoAi Chatbot


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What can I do with Sumato Ai chatbot?

A chatbot is a chatter software programmed to stimulate human conversation with a real human. Using Sumato Ai chatbot builder, our clients or businesses are able to humanize the interaction with their customers to handle repetitive conversations, and this can take place by integrating the software into Facebook, website or offline to online with QR code.
With chatbot, mundane work will be taken care by a chatbot, such as taking reservation, making appointments, requesting for products menu, qualifying sales leads, routing leads to salesperson, making feedbacks for quality control, and many more usages as demonstrated in our templates. 

Restaurant & Event Space

Automate reservation, feedback, send F&B menu, party booking,  visitors analysis, etc.

Coming Soon

Hospital &


Quality check on every consultation, appointment booking, lead generation, etc.

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Automate event booking, cross sell, customer profile, lead qualification ad, etc.

Property Developer

Sale lead generation, qualification, lead route, roadshow QR registration.

Workshop & Seminar

Feedback of every seminar or event, customer profiling, check-in, etc.

Insurance / Property Agent

Lead ad campaign integration, lead qualification, lead route, database management.

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